In 2009 Pietro Casella inaugurated Biffi Arte in Piacenza, a contemporary art gallery and laboratory of different languages for famous or up-coming artists. The goal was to enhance and promote the Biffi brand with creatività.Biffi Arte, located at the entrance of Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, faces on Piazza S. Antonino and on the oldest basilica in the town. Arranged on two floors, it is composed of a contemporary and modern art gallery, called Sala Biffi, an institutional room dedicated to Biffi brand and an important underlying area reserved to photography.
We must be entrepreneurs of culture, getting to know the entirety in its universal value. We need to enhance , ennoble and spread knowledge of the Biffi brand, even with cultural marketing strategies.
The entrance is through a big bronze door, like a great dream, made by the sculptor Giorgio Milani. It shows the symbols of the artistic powers and has been carved with unique types, a return to words and sounds, to the sun and the moon. When restoring the rooms in Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, we chose to give the walls all the warmth and the taste of history. Those walls had been deprived of the ancient splendor for ages, but recovering materials and colors, enhancing the space with their big volumes, that is the actual heritage, we avoided any mediation or mimetism.
Biffi Arte winds through a shifting and fascinating path , where painting , sculpture, photography and video installations are the key players, through the media-design laboratories and the small performances in that esoteric place formerly called “Nevaio” curved - shaped, rich of suggestions and great charm.
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Biffi Arte: via Chiapponi, 39 - 29121 Piacenza
Sede Legale: via Brera, 16 - 20121 Milano