Premio Biffi
Premio Arte 2013
Il Premio Biffi is dedicated to emerging artists of Premio Arte, being a tribute to creativity, to the ability of going beyond reality and sometimes over imagination, to a place of poetry and infinite chances. That place where Biffi was born and still lives.
The winning work of art will be exhibited at Biffi Arte in Piacenza and next Christmas its picture will be printed as a limited edition on the hatboxes containing the famous Biffi Panettone. A work of art containing another one.

Art, as creative inclination, lies in the DNA of Biffi’s, that goes on creating and reinventing new recipes, inspired by tradition, but renewed in a rich range of specialties that are continuously evolving. Biffi is a brand creating taste, that imagines and anticipates market evolution. Therefore, Biffi Company has accepted with enthusiasm to sponsor Premio Arte 2013 and the 14th Edition of Premio Cairo.

Biffi is actively participating at this Prize, since its brand is close to modern and contemporary art; and Biffi will confirm this vocation by awarding a special prize | Premio Biffi | to one of the winning artists of Premio Arte. This event will take place on Thursday, October 24th 2013, at Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, via Turati 34. On this occasion, the name of the winner will be announced during the exhibition of the artworks.