In 1966 M. Pietro Casella, a chemist and biologist who had been working in a food multinational company, established Formec and based its success on a continuous investment in research, innovation and creativity. He had one goal : achieving the best quality in every production step, from checking of raw materials to the finished product. With the acquisition of Biffi brand, in the last twenty years our Company has been getting the inheritance of Paolo Biffi, who was a creative of taste as far back as in 1852. In this way Formec has been keeping and developing the skill of creating newer and newer recipes, by taking the traditional ones and renovating them in a continuous evolution of a wide range of specialties. Today's production is just in time, both OGM-free and Gluten-free ; no additives or preservatives are added so that we guarantee the best quality of our products.
Our wide range of products includes both retail items (like Biffi brand) and those for food service (Gaia) ; moreover, it offers chilled and ambient products, from mayonnaise and dressings to sauces and spreads, as well as the famous Panettone. Our factory, being at the forefront in the food industry, is working with 29 production lines, all of them highly automated and flexible.

Formec Biffi was the first to believe in the organic culture over twenty years ago. In this way, we anticipated a trend and a consumption habit that would achieve positive feedbacks in the following years. Our Company fully believes in corporate ethics and is particularly concerned for the environment, for quality of our working places and its social role. Experimental fields, continuous cooperation with the most important universities, control of the whole food chain together with the additional laboratory tests allow us to combine all the product strengths and to guarantee their quality to consumers. Corporate culture and ethics make Formec a traditional and future-oriented firm the same time. Its challenge will be to know, anticipate and meet the needs of our consumer-customer, the real richness of a Company.
Our organic range is certified by Bioagricert (BAC), the Italian certifying authority of organic production IFOAM accredited (International Federation of Organic Agricolture Movements).